Longreach Credit Investors was established to provide Australian and international investors with access to high quality Australian private debt investment opportunities.

We are a leading provider of customised cashflow debt financing to Australian and New Zealand lower-middle market companies and have provided our investors with high quality risk-adjusted returns with consistent cash yield, low volatility and emphasis on capital preservation since 2017.

Australian and New Zealand businesses increasingly less interested in cashflow lending to businesses due to increased capital requirements and regulatory changes.

This creates the opportunity for private debt managers to lend to high quality borrowers with high quality risk-adjusted returns.

Longreach Credit Investors has significant experience in direct lending, distressed credit and insolvency across industries and multiple economic cycles.

Our investment process is delivered through deep due diligence, tailored structuring with strong lender protections and ongoing monitoring and management for every loan.

Longreach Credit Investors manages various fund structures to suit differing investor requirements.

Longreach Direct Lending Fund Class B

Soft closed

Longreach Australian Senior Secured Lending Fund I


Longreach Australian Senior Secured Lending Fund II


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You need to be a qualified wholesale/sophisticated investor to invest.

Please contact the Longreach Client services team either by email client.services@longreachalternatives.com or telephone +61 291 350 428.